Year in review 2013

The program's Logframe and early progress

During the period, extensive effort has gone into ensuring a logical link between inputs/efforts /funds and targeted results. This has also been matched by the development of a monitoring and evaluation framework (M&E)1 . Among others, this has resulted in i) a comprehensive description of the program in a theory of change context, ii) a comprehensive log-frame (goal hierarchy), iii) a monitoring and reporting toolbox, and iv) ToRs for the both the monitoring consultant and evaluation consultant.

Table 3: Outputs, outcomes and impact of GET FiT

The design work of the M&E systems is still being finalized, with the specific baselines and time-bound targets currently being considered by the M&E consultant and relevant stakeholders. Nonetheless, the current log-frame is utilized below to demonstrate how the program is prioritizing the target results at the various levels and what early results are being achieved. Given the early stages of implementation, focus is placed on outputs and outcomes. As indicated here, the focus of the program has thus far been on ensuring a strong foundation and portfolio to provide prospects for successful achievement of the target results. The results to date should reflect this focus.


Table 4: GET FiT log-frame showing status on overarching primary Program
targets along with efforts made and results achieved so far