Year in review 2013

Message from KfW

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we present you the first Annual Progress Report for the GET FiT Program Uganda. Behind us lies an exciting initial year of Program implementation.

After the launch of the first Request for Proposals in March 2013 we were overwhelmed by the positive response from the private sector.

This proves that with well-targeted support private investments can be attracted into the energy sector in developing countries.

Dr. Norbert Kloppenburg, Member of the Executive Board of KfW

The combination of result based premium payments on the existing Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff with standardized, well-structured and bankable Power Purchase and Implementation Agreements as well as a Partial Risk Guarantee from the World Bank have convinced international developers that Uganda’s energy sector is indeed a promising market!

Until today, 12 small Renewable Energy Projects have successfully applied for support under GET FiT. This means 103 MW of climate friendly, cost efficient energy from hydro, bagasse and biomass that will help Uganda to meet its ever increasing demand for electricity. 

Building up on this success, the GET FiT Solar Facility was introduced in January 2014 – adding Solar PV to the list of technologies eligible for GET FiT support. The innovative concept of combining premium payments with a reverse auctioning process has attracted a number of renowned developers and we are confident that the first grid connected Solar PV plants will be added to the Ugandan generation mix in 2015/16.

GET FiT is only possible thanks to the strong commitment and ownership of the Government of Uganda and the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA). Looking back at the last 12 months of implementation we can only congratulate the Government and ERA for their continuous commitment to private sector participation, renewable energy generation as well as sustainable and transparent sector policy and regulation. The revision of the standardized Power Purchase Agreement and Implementation Agreement has not been an easy task, but it laid the foundation for private investments into the sector. Developers and lenders alike applaud Uganda to this achievement.

Last but not least we would like to thank the Governments of Norway, the United Kingdom, the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the European Union – without their financial support GET FiT would not have been possible.  

2013 has marked the successful start of the GET FiT Program, but a lot of work lies ahead of us – for developers, the Government and KfW as the implementing agency. At KfW we remain committed to ensuring quality and progress of the Program. The interest the GET FiT Program in Uganda is creating, not only in Sub-Saharan Africa, but also in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe confirms that GET FiT comes at the right time and addresses challenges faced in many countries.



Dr. Norbert Kloppenburg, Member of the Executive Board of KfW