Year in review 2013

Message from the CEO OF Electricity Regulatory Authority

Uganda’s Vision 2040, which has been adopted as the country’s economic development agenda for the period 2013-2040, is ‘A transformed Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within thirty years’.  

With specific reference to the energy sector, Vision 2040 recognizes that energy and in particular electricity is a driver of socio-economic transformation of a nation. For Uganda to shift from a peasantry to an industrialized and largely urban society, it must be propelled by electricity as a form of modern energy hence the need to develop and generate modern energy to drive the industry and service sectors..

Dr. Benon Mutambi, CEO of  ERA Uganda

With the growing demand for electricity in Uganda, estimated between 10-12% per annum, Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) will continue to focus on expansion of generation capacity, with corresponding investment in transmission and distribution infrastructure, in order to facilitate achievement of national strategic objectives.

With support from Development Partners, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Electricity Regulatory Authority is implementing a number of programs and projects to expand generation capacity. The Global Energy Transfer for Feed–in–Tariffs (GET FiT) scheme is one of these programs. This initiative has incentivized Project Developers to accelerate renewable energy project development. We expect an additional 103 MW onto the national grid within the next two to three years, from hydropower and biomass projects. Further to this, we expect to develop a 20MW solar photovoltaic grid-connected project within the same period. 

The GET FiT technical assistance program has also enhanced the capacity of ERA staff, specifically in technical and environmental due-diligence, as well as financial modelling. The skills and knowledge imparted by this initiative have resulted into greater operational efficiency. Overall, the GET FiT program has supplemented Government of Uganda’s efforts towards realization of Vision 2040 by contributing to improved security of electricity supply through mitigation of power supply shortages in the short term.

The Authority is extremely grateful to all the participating Development Partners.

Dr. Benon Mutambi, CEO of ERA Uganda