Who has rallied behind GET FiT?

Recognizing the prevailing challenges and opportunities facing the sector, GoU and ERA worked actively together with KfW to put the targeted and time-bound support to work. In order to ensure rapid and efficient implementation, GoU provided KfW with delegated authority in terms of implementing the Program. As the implementing agency, ERA has fully embraced the Program and maintained high expectations in terms of timely results. ERA participates in the Steering Committee as well as a range of critical discussions concerning implementation, often represented by senior management. In order to achieve sustainability of the GET FiT Program and full engagement by ERA staff, considerable effort is made to ensure full compatibility of the Program’s governance, support, procedures, etc with ERA’s own systems and planning. ERA is actively utilizing the support and efforts provided by GET FiT in their daily operation.

Provided with delegated authority from GoU, KfW continues to operate as the dedicated implementing entity of the GET FiT Program in Uganda. KfW has invested considerable time, effort and reputation into the Program, ensuring proper financial management systems, developing and signing the required agreements with GoU, developers and consultants and actively engaging in the overall development of the Ugandan power sector.

The Development Partners of Government of Norway, Germany (BMUB and BMZ), UK (DECC and DFID) and the European Union are recognized for providing predictable funding commitments towards this innovative results-based funding scheme. Together, these partners have committed MEUR 91, thus ensuring full funding of the Program in order to meet the key targeted outputs. 

The World Bank has contributed to the development and implementation of the Program and approved its IDA PRG facility which offers valuable risk mitigation tools to developers. 

Finally, the Program will only prove as successful as the developers and investors promoting and implementing the projects. Thus, GET FiT has actively engaged in providing support, networks, opportunities, etc. to developers that are following the GET FiT Program. With 17 approved projects, and many more in the pipeline, these developers are everything from industrial to financial actors and generally include both domestic and international shareholders.