First supervision visits to GET FiT projects

In June 2014, the first supervision visits for GET FiT projects were conducted by the Implementation Consultant. The primary purpose of the supervision visits is to ensure consistency and conformity of project development activities with their respective GET FiT Developer Agreements. On-site visit to projects supported under GET FiT will be conducted during their construction phase (before Commercial Operations Date is achieved) to review overall progress of the project against the original projected timeline and - where applicable – Conditions Precedents for disbursement defined in the developer Finance Agreement. During these visits, the following aspects are reviewed:

  • High-level review of technical implementation of project (timelines, quality of works, change in designs).
  • Check on compliance with Environmental and Social Management Plans and Resettlement Action Plans developed for the project.
  • Verification that implementation of interconnection is on track

This first round of visits marks the start of regular supervision visits by the expert team, normally two visits per year for each project.

44472-rwimi-river.pngFrom GET FiT Supervision visit at Rwimi River, June 2014 (Photo: GET FiT)