GET FiT kick-starts first ever on-grid solar projects in Uganda

After a competitive bidding process that was initiated in January 2014, with 24 expressions of interest, four solar PV projects proposed by two different developers were selected by ERA and the GET FiT Investment Committee to benefit from the GET FiT Solar Facility. The two consortia will each build, own and operate on-grid solar projects of 2x5 MW in the Tororo and Soroti Districts respectively. Thus, a total solar PV capacity of 20 MW was established as part of the GET FiT portfolio and these new power plants are expected to provide an average annual energy production of about 35 GWh in total. The average tariff for solar PV projects over the 20 years of operation is USDc 16.37 per kWh, with GET FiT covering the margin between this and the end-user tariff set by ERA at USDc 11 per kWh. 


From the solar project development award in Kampala. Representatives from left to right: Mr. Omwala Sam, Soroti Land
Surveyor; Mr. Paul Egwau, Soroti District Government Physical Planner; Mr. Reda El Chaar, Chairman, Access Power; Hon. George Micheal Egunyu, LC V, Soroti District; Mr. Vahid Fotuhi, Director of Origination, Access Power; Mrs. Caroline Ekobu Access Power Local Agent, Soroti; Mr. Gidudu Tom, Deputy Chief Administration Officer, Soroti District Government

With the solar RfP completed on schedule, the 20 MW target for installed capacity achieved, and the four projects expected for commissioning already in early 2016, the GET FiT solar facility has so far proven very successful. The solar PV development will play an important part in reaching GET FiTs overall targets for installed generation capacity and annual renewable energy production. As ERA assumes that the Ugandan grid can handle integration of some 50 MW of solar PV at this stage, it is the interest of GET FiT and ERA to use the current window of opportunity and high developer interest to further strengthen Uganda’s solar project portfolio. As a proactive response to this, KfW is currently soliciting funding for a second solar RfP.