Targeting on-the-ground progress: Developer week

To ensure swift progress towards financial close and construction start for approved GET FiT projects, a developer week was organized by GET FiT during the second week of June in Kampala.  This was a targeted, joint effort by ERA, KfW and the GET FiT Secretariat to maintain focus upon i) progress on the individual projects, and ii) a successful third RFP round. During the week, the following activities took place:  

  • The Secretariat facilitated PPA / IA negotiations with respective authorities. In total, three PPAs and IAs were initialled.
  • The Secretariat supported solar developers in arranging meetings with relevant authorities such as NEMA and UETCL. 
  • The GET FiT Secretariat initiated a project progress mapping process and commenced the planning for RfP Round 3 for hydro/biomass/bagasse. There was a mutual understanding between all stakeholders that RfP Round 3 would not be launched before a sufficient number of likely applicants had been identified. In this context, the team developed a follow up and monitoring process, which finally resulted in a strong pipeline for RfP Round 3, before it was launched in November 2014.

Further to this, the main focus of the developer week was informing and helping developers within hydro, biomass and solar projects to meet the Environmental & Social Standards (E&S) required according to the IFC Performance Standards. To achieve this, two workshops and a series of bilateral meetings with developers were arranged, as are outlined in the following section.