The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) recognizes that the future of Uganda’s electricity sector lies in the integration of least-cost renewable energy sources into the generation mix. Over the last ten years, ERA has collaborated with Development Partners, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development to implement a number of initiatives aimed at expanding electricity generation capacity in Uganda.   33311-99504-beno.png
Dr. Benon Mutambi, CEO of  ERA Uganda

One of the most successful initiatives that have supplemented the Government of Uganda’s efforts to realise Vision 2040 is the Global Energy Transfer for Feed–in–Tariffs (GET FiT) Program.

This initiative has generated immense interest from the private sector to invest in renewable energy development, a move that will ultimately support the Country’s industry and service sectors, thereby facilitating socio-economic development.

So far, thirteen renewable energy projects (hydro, biomass and bagasse) with a combined installed capacity of 108 MW have qualified for GET FiT support, representing a commitment of some EUR 50 million in GET FiT premiums. These projects are expected to be commissioned within the next two to three years. In addition to these, the GET FiT Program was extended to solar photovoltaic (PV) development. The competitive bidding process for the first 20 MW of solar PV that was initiated in January 2014 was concluded at the end of the year. Project commissioning is expected in early 2016.

ERA has provided and will continue to provide regulatory oversight for these projects that have qualified for GET FiT support through, among others, standardization of Power Purchase Agreements, Implementation Agreements and model Licenses, licensing of prospective generation companies and monitoring compliance to regulatory requirements  from the feasibility study stage through construction to the operation phase. 

ERA is committed to continued collaboration with the Development Partners and key Government institutions to promote the development and uptake of renewable energy.


Dr. Benon Mutambi, CEO of  ERA Uganda