Program Monitoring

The design of the M&E systems for GET FiT Uganda was finalized in 2014, and a baseline study against which all Program targets will be measured, was carried out. A Theory of Change model and associated logical framework have been established, including a range of key indicators to monitor the progress of all targeted outputs, outcomes and impacts of the Program.



Table 3: Outputs, outcomes and impact of GET FiT


Semi-annual monitoring will be carried out by the Implementation Consultant. The first round of monitoring round was conducted in mid-2014 and the second in early 2015, reporting on progress for the first and second half of 2014, respectively.

Program monitoring results will be presented in the semi-annual and annual reports in August and February. In addition, through its day-to-day cooperation with ERA and other key stakeholders, the GET FiT Secretariat will be able to monitor and follow up on critical issues arising along the way on a continuous basis.

Biannual Performance Reviews will be conducted by a separate consultant – planned for 2015, 17 and possibly 19. The objective of these reviews is to critically and independently assess whether GET FiT is meeting its output targets and milestones. In this context pertinent questions are:  What have been the key challenges and opportunities in Program delivery and how they impacted on the performance of the Program? What measures have been taken to mitigate challenges and take advantage of opportunities? What other Program are being implemented that could have led to the same outputs? How has Program delivery been affected by influences outside of its control? What systems and processes are in place to effectively deliver the intended results and learn lessons? The consultant will also be tasked with the evaluation of the Program, looking at specific pre-defined questions promising valuable insight into the impact of GET FiT. The procurement of the consultant is to start in Quarter 1 of 2015.

The overall progress on the Program Logframe indicators as measured for 2014 are presented in the table below. 


Table 4: GET FiT log-frame showing status on overarching primary Program targets along with efforts made and results achieved in 2014