Portfolio development in 2015

In 2015, the GET FiT portfolio grew through the third and final RFP Round, despite the exclusion of three projects approved in RFPs 1 and 2 (see chapter 3.1 for details). The portfolio now totals 17 projects: fourteen hydro, one bagasse and two solar PV power projects.

Overall, one project has been commissioned, six are under construction and four projects have reached financial close.  Most other developers are on the verge of financial close and/or construction start. Nonetheless, continued progress and construction start for additional projects within 2016 is vital to ensure timely achievement of overall objectives.  

The exit of the three projects totalling 15 MW and 140 GWh is unfortunate in terms of reaching the overall target for annual energy production. Further the exit of the only project using gasified maize farm waste for electricity generation takes the number of supported technologies down from four to three.