List of abbreviations & acronyms

BMZ   Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
BMUB   Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety
CP   Conditions Precedent
DECC   Department of Energy & Climate Change
DFID   Department for International Development
DFI   Development Finance Institution
DFA   Developer Finance Agreement
ERA   Electricity Regulatory Authority
EUR   Euro
EURc   Eurocent
GBP   British Pound
GET FiT   Global Energy Transfer Feed-in Tariffs
GHG   Greenhouse gas
GoU   Government of Uganda
IA   Implementation Agreement
IC   Investment Committee
IFC   International Finance Corporation
M&E   Monitoring & Evaluation
MEUR   Million Euros
MUSD   Million United States Dollars 
NOK   Norwegian Krone (Norwegian currency)
PPA   Power Purchase Agreement
PRG   Partial Risk Guarantee
REFiT   Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff
RfP   Request for proposal
SC   Steering Committee 
UETCL   Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited
USD   United States Dollar
USDc   United States Dollar cents
VAT   Value-added tax
WB   World Bank