Program monitoring

The GET FiT Monitoring and Evaluation framework monitors the outputs, outcomes and impacts generated by the Program (table 3). Achievement of these is determined through one or several quantitative indicators, which are collected from project developers and key sector stakeholders semi-annually. On this basis and through additional data collection, bi-annual performance reviews and evaluations are conducted by an independent consultant. The objective of these reviews is to critically and independently assess whether GET FiT is meeting its output targets and milestones. The first performance review started in Q3 2015 and is currently on-going (see section 2.6 for more details).

Table 3: Outputs, outcomes and impact of GET FiT


While awaiting commissioning of projects, the actual results attributed to GET FiT in terms of installed capacity and electricity production are still uncertain. However, with one project commissioned and six now under construction, the portfolio has taken a considerable step towards achieving targets. This is further strengthened by the financial close obtained by four projects, and the many PPAs now signed. 
The overall progress of the Program in 2015 is presented in table 4 below.

Table 4: GET FiT log-frame showing status on overarching primary Program targets
along with efforts made and results achieved in 2015