Outlook for 2016

As an increasing number of projects are now moving into construction, the focus of the GET FiT implementation team will gradually shift towards construction supervision. Efforts will be directed towards overcoming technical, environmental and social challenges arising throughout construction, in order to achieve timely commissioning. The latter is vital to maximize the economic benefits and achieving the time targets of the Program. Timely construction of grid interconnection infrastructure to evacuate power still present a significant risk for several projects. Although these issues must be solved by the relevant GoU entities, KfW and the GET FiT Secretariat are prepared to take an active role facilitating dialogue and progress. 

Key focus areas in 2015 will be:

  1. Continued facilitation of dialogue, coordination and concrete solutions to the challenge of interconnection and integration of the GET FiT portfolio into the national grid. 
  2. Intensification of construction supervision visits.
  3. Follow up preparation and construction phase for solar PV projects.
  4. Facilitation of progress for the projects which have not started construction, in dialogue with developers and authorities, including signing of remaining DFAs and following up of conditions precedents for each project.
  5. Follow up the Program funding situation, including potential support for reserve list projects
  6. Follow-up the implementation of the various Technical Assistance Facility components, including the up-coming REFiT review and proposed additional TA support components to ERA.
  7. Support the on-going Performance Review and Evaluation of GET FiT, and ensure follow up of recommendations.