Disbursement projections

Committed disbursements from the GET FiT Program go towards four purposes:

  1. payments to approved projects, with 50 % paid at commercial operation date and 50% paid in the form of results based support over the first five years of operation, subject to actual production,
  2. payments to consultants under the Technical Assistance Facility for ERA,
  3. advisor and consultants for the overall management and monitoring of the Program, and
  4. management fee to KfW.

Figure 5 illustrates the actual (up to and including 2016) and expected distribution of committed payments for the first  years of the Program. The projections are based on agreements signed with developers thus far and status of approved projects. It is noted that consultant payments under the Technical Assistance Facility are relatively high in early years, while payments to project support are expected to take up the lion’s share of the disbursements going forward. Given the expected timing of the current portfolio, the majority of commercial operation date payments are expected in 2017-2018. Due to the results-based disbursement during the first five years of operation, the final payments from GET FiT cannot be expected before 2023.


Figure 5: Projected annual payments (premium payments and consultants) under GET FiT. Projections are subject to  uncertainty, mainly related to individual project progress.


Figure 6 shows the relative shares of the various cost components under the GET FiT Program, based on current budget reservations. Overall, less than 10 percent of the overall funds are tied to management, implementation and the Technical Assistance Facility, while 90 percent of the total commitments are expected to be disbursed as premium payments.  


Figure 6 - Approximately 90 % of commitments to GET FiT are projected to be disbursed as premium payments.