Program monitoring & Risk Management

The GET FiT Monitoring and Evaluation framework monitors the outputs, outcomes and impacts generated by the Program through one or several quantitative indicators, which are collected from project developers and key sector stakeholders semi-annually. On this basis and through additional data collection, bi-annual performance reviews and evaluations are conducted by an independent consultant. The objective of these reviews is to critically and independently assess whether GET FiT is meeting its output targets and milestones. The first performance review was conducted in 2015/16, and the report is available at the GET FiT website.


In the early years of Program implementation and with respect to portfolio capacity targets, the monitoring reported mainly on expected results based on the current portfolio status, since results could not be attributed at early development stages. With a range of projects now at financial close and under construction, it is encouraging to present considerable progress on a range of indicators following a progressive 2016. The Logframe table below presents the progress achieved over the past year1. For historical progress, refer to the previous GET FiT annual reports.

Table 5: GET FiT targets and results – status after 2016


1) Counting commisioned projects and projects with financial close
2) Based on commissioned projects
3) Tariffs adjusted to be cost reflective after a tariff review in mid-2016. The review was carried out by ERA with technical assistance provided through the GET FiT TA Facility
4) Since GoU still pays capacity charges to thermal generation facilities, retail traiffs are not fully cost refelctive.