Message from ERA

The year 2016 saw the impact of the GET FiT program on Uganda’s Electricity Supply Industry grow from strength to strength. In addition to the six (6) hydropower projects that broke ground in 2015, construction works began for six (6) more power plants in 2016 and early 2017, bringing the total of the planned installed capacity from the GET FiT projects currently under construction to 86 MW. 

Furthermore, on December 12, 2016, the Ugandan Electricity Supply Industry through GET FiT support achieved yet another major milestone of commissioning the first grid connected Solar Photovoltaic Plant in the country. The 10 MW grid connected Solar PV plant located in Soroti by Access Uganda Solar Limited is the largest of its kind in the East and Central African region.  The development of this solar project, has gone a long way to demonstrate how synergies of Development Partner and hosting government support can be utilized to harness private sector capital for infrastructure project development.

The Electricity Regulatory Authority continues to recognize the great role played by the GET FiT program in supporting Uganda towards achieving the policy objective regarding the prioritization of renewable energy in the national generation mix. Monitoring of projects under construction is on-going so as to enable them achieve Commercial Operations Dates as per the respective implementation time plans.

The Electricity Regulatory Authority would further like to salute the GET FiT program for the Technical Assistance facility which has enhanced ERA’s processes in regulating the Electricity Supply Industry. Particular emphasis of the Technical Assistance facility was placed on Due-diligence for licensing, evaluation and monitoring of projects, financial and tariff modelling, and standards for interconnection and wheeling arrangement. The facility has enabled the Authority to build capacity to ensure long term sustainability beyond the GET FiT Program.

It is notable that the implementation of the GET FiT program saw Uganda become one of the best Renewable energy investment destinations and gain international recognition. The Bloomberg ratings of 2016 rated the country 2nd best with regard to Renewable Energy investments in Africa. In an effort to maintain the favourable Renewable Energy Investment climate, the Authority with support from the GET FIT program revised the Renewable Energy Feed in Tariffs in July 2016 in order to sustain the level of financial viability of the potential projects to ensure that the country remains one of the best investment destinations on the African continent beyond the GET FiT program.

The Authority appreciated the continued support from development partners towards construction of evacuation infrastructure for the GET FIT projects. As we approach the peak of construction and commissioning of the GET FIT generation plants, the Authority shall continue to prioritize the proper monitoring and coordination of the construction activities for the evacuation infrastructure. This will enable a harmonized commissioning of the power plants.

The Electricity Regulatory Authority is committed to ensuring efficient and effective implementation of the GET FIT program and shall continue to make every effort to achieve sustainable electricity Supply for social economic transformation.

The Authority looks forward to supporting Development Partners in sharing the experiences and lessons learnt during the implementation of the Uganda GET FiT program, as similar programs are rolled out in other countries.