Development of GET FiT Lessons Learned

After three years of implementing GET FiT Uganda, the Programme is widely recognised as a successful mechanism in attracting private investment to the development of IPPs at a national scale. Throughout this period, experience has accumulated within the Programme community and among stakeholders. Many important lessons have been learned, which in turn should serve as critical input to developing the GET FiT concept and rolling out similar programmes in other countries.
While the main issues, challenges and success factors of the Programme are outlined in the annual and semi-annual reports, the GET FiT team felt it would be beneficial to clearly present and summarise lessons learned specifically. Not only will this help to develop the GET FiT concept and potentially improve performance in other countries, but also ensure that the key elements of unique institutional memory from GET FiT Uganda is well documented, shared and transferred to future policy makers. The Lessons Learned are also aimed at providing more general learning to Private-Public Partnership (PPP) programs – and it is believed that these could apply in other sectors as well. 
Under the overarching title “Lessons learned from implementation of a successful PPP programme” a series of seven lessons learned briefing notes will be prepared. The briefing notes will cover the following areas of GET FiT implementation:
  1. Leveraging Commercial Investments.
  2. Setting the Stage: The building blocks of a successful PPP programme.
  3. Program Implementation.
  4. Mobilizing Developers and Investors.
  5. Complying with Environmental and Social Performance Standards.
  6. Making the Impact Stick: Design of Technical Assistance and Capacity Building.
  7. Monitoring for Results.
Lessons 1-3 are completed and will be published in Q1 2018. The remaining lessons are under development and are planned for publishing in Q2.