Funding commitments

GET FiT Uganda is a results-based programme – that is, a subsidy is paid following the successful installation of power capacity and the delivery of power – and is therefore dependent on predictable commitments from sponsors to be successful. Since commencement of the Programme in 2013, several changes to the portfolio structure and significant project delays have necessitated active follow-up and flexibility from all stakeholders. This requirement has indeed also been met by the GET FiT funders to date, enabling the Programme to deal with any arising uncertainties and risks in a relatively comfortable and pro-active manner. To this end, four development partners have taken up the challenge and provided GET FiT with the necessary funding: Government of Norway, Government of UK (through BEIS and DFID), Germany (BMZ, BMU) and the EU (through EU ITF).
To date, EUR 93.6 million has been committed to the Programme. 


Table 4: Overall donor commitments to GET FiT. Net amounts are based on funding disbursed to the Program thus far, projected  exchange rates for undisbursed funds and deduction of management fees