Re-appraisal of projects

In early 2017, three projects which had previously applied for GET FiT without being granted support were re-appraised. This limited Request for Proposals (RfP) was conducted as a pro-active measure aimed at qualifying reserve projects which could be included in the GET FiT portfolio at short notice to maintain MW targets. Several projects that had already been approved for GET FiT support were performing unsatisfactorily and were considered at risk of losing support. Two projects, Bukinda SHP (6.5 MW) and Mahoma SHP (2.7 MW) were approved as reserve projects by the GET FiT Investment Committee. The third project, Kakaka SHP (4.5 MW), was considered to be not sufficiently developed to receive GET FiT support and was not approved. 
Thus far, the projects that were at risk of being dropped prior to the re-appraisals have all managed to increase efforts and remain part of the portfolio. Although there remains a risk that certain projects may still be excluded, none of the reserve projects are now likely to qualify for support due to the GET FiT time-frame and potential grid connection issues.