Projects Under Construction

For the seven projects that are still under construction, major grid reinforcements are still required and behind schedule. The current status and deemed energy risk levels associated with these projects are summarised in Table 2 with further elaboration below for selected projects.


Table 2 - Status of Interconnnection of GET FiT Projects Still Under Construction


Siti 2 SHP
The 16.5 MW Siti 2 SHP in Bukwo district, Eastern Uganda is expected to commission in Q2 2019. The timely evacuation of the project is highly uncertain. The required grid reinforcements involve the construction of approximately 175 km of 33 kV evacuation lines to Umeme’s Mbale substation, as well as upgrades to the substation. ERA gave authorisation to Umeme to construct the line in January 2018. As of January 2019, Umeme was in the process of procuring multiple contractors to expedite the construction. The procurement of EPC contractors is expected to be concluded at the end of Q1 2019, with a planned construction period of four months thereafter. There is thus a high risk of deemed commissioning for Siti 2. KfW and the GET FiT Secretariat continue to engage with all stakeholders towards expediting the line’s implementation.

Sindila and Ndugutu SHPs
The 5.3 MW Sindila SHP in Bundibugyo was declared ready for synchronisation to the national grid in February 2019. There were initial delays to the construction of the 4.8 km 33 kV line from the project’s switchyard to the existing grid at Bubandi for evacuation towards Fort Portal. This line will also evacuate the 5.9 MW Ndugutu SHP after wider grid reinforcements are implemented.

Following concerted efforts by GoU through MEMD, REA, ERA and UETCL, with support from GET FiT, the line was built and ready by February 2019. As Sindila starts grid synchronisation tests, it is expected that additional reconfigurations to line protection and maintenance may be required to minimise outages and ensure full evacuation. Grid synchronisation tests for Sindila had not been done as of mid-February 2019.

The 5.9MW Ndugutu SHP is expected to achieve COD in Q2 2019. The timely construction by REA of the new 104 km 33 kV line from Bubandi to Fort Portal with funding from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) through GET FiT will be critical for the evacuation of both Ndugutu and Sindila SHPs. The line construction is expected to be completed in Q3 2019. Therefore, a high risk of deemed commissioning remains for Ndugutu SHP. The GET FiT Secretariat will continue to actively engage with GoU, the Supervision Consultant and Contractors to ensure that the implementation of the line is expedited.

Nyamagasani 1 and 2 SHPs
Construction of a joint 55 km 33 kV line to evacuate power from both Nyamagasani 1 SHP and Nyamagasani 2 SHP is being implemented by REA which has procured an EPC contractor. Construction of the line is expected to commence in Q1 2019 and be completed in Q3 2019.

With Nyamagasani 2 (5 MW) currently expected to be commissioned in Q2, there is a high risk of deemed commissioning. The implementation of the evacuation lines for Nyamagasani 1 and 2 is part of the wider interventions through GET FiT, and the Secretariat will continue engagement to expedite the reinforcements.