Flexibility of Technical Assistance Design and Use of Fund

In a long-term programme, provision of Technical Assistance (TA) should not be entirely pre-defined but have sufficient flexibility to adapt to real and emerging needs identified during implementation.

The provision of TA must be able to adapt to new intelligence and emerging needs, which requires donors to structure such programmes in a flexible way and provide funding accordingly. With its flexible design, GET FiT has provided on-demand TA based on observed gaps as well as needs identified by ERA. This was possible due to

  1. a flexible frame budget for TA provided by the Development Partners,
  2. a close working relationship between ERA, KfW and the Consultant throughout Programme implementation and
  3. a willingness and ability to re-allocate available funds to other critical areas of TA

Potential TA activities were added to a shortlist by ERA in cooperation with GET FiT and was considered a living document. Specific TA needs were outlined as they emerged, and gradually expanded and detailed. This process enabled ERA to address capacity gaps as they emerged. Since the scope and objective of activities are already outlined, a timely implementation of these is possible, aided by the flexible TA budget provided by Development Partners. While the provision of Technical Assistance is not the primary objective of GET FiT, the flexibility and timely implementation of such tailored assistance has a positive impact on the implementation of the GET FiT portfolio and increases the sustainability of the GET FiT Programme on the Ugandan power sector.


The GET FiT Lessons Learned Briefing Notes
More insights for the design and implementation of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) infrastructure programmes can be found in the GET FiT Uganda Lessons Learned Briefing Notes, which serve as an input for the GET FiT concept and rolling out similar programmes in other countries. Seven briefing notes were prepared and published on the GET FiT website, as well as on World Banks’s PPP knowledge lab. The following topics are covered:

  • Leveraging Commercial Investments
  • Complying with E&S Performance Standards
  • The Building Blocks of a Successful PPP Programme
  • Making the Impact Stick
  • Programme Implementation
  • Monitoring for Results
  • Developers Engagement