GET FiT Zambia Launch

In February 2018, the second GET FiT Programme - GET FiT Zambia - was officially launched in Lusaka. This represents a major achievement for GET FiT and strengthens its prospects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Programme aims to support the Zambian Government in the implementation of its REFiT Strategy, which was published in late 2017. In line with this Strategy, the Programme aims to procure 200 MW of renewable energy projects in the next three years.

Similarly to GET FiT Uganda, the focus of GET FiT Zambia is small-to-medium projects with up to 20 MW in capacity from IPPs – also in line with the Zambian REFiT Strategy. The Programme received a funding pledge of circa EUR 31 million from the German government.

The first phase of the Programme has been launched with a 100 MW Solar PV tender. The RfQ was successfully completed with the announcement of ten shortlisted applicants in June 2018 – followed by the submission of proposals in November 2018. Fifteen project proposals from eight bidders were received.

Besides its solar component, GET FiT Zambia also the procurement of 100 MW in hydropower.

The Prequalification for the 100 MW hydro tender launched in January 2019. Moreover, a 5 MW solar micro-generation window is foreseen, designed to facilitate participation of local companies in the power sector and contributing to local capacity building and leveraging of Zambian investments.

An additional focus is to encouraging the private sector to take a stake in the energy sector to strengthen the Zambian power market. As such, increasing the institutional capacity, as well as the policy and regulatory framework for renewable energy IPPs in Zambia is an essential aspect of the Programme.

Similarly to GET FiT Uganda, GET FiT Zambia is implemented by KfW, through the Programme Implementation Consultant, Multiconsult. The Zambian Ministry of Energy (MoE) is the owner of the Programme. Other key stakeholders include the Zambian Energy Regulation Board (ERB) and the state-owned power utility Zesco Ltd.